By Missionary to Bolivia Kevin White

Exciting/Urgent News:
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Exciting/Urgent News:

Has there ever been a time when you felt like your life could count for more or that you wanted to do something that would have lasting impact? There are many things that you could invest your life in, but few will truly make a difference that will last.

Well, I have some exciting news and a great opportunity where you can have a part in not only making a difference, but changing lives for ever. As you know, we have been praying for some time about helping the second church that we started here in Cochabamba, purchase land. Pastor Pablo Rojas and his family, have been working for the last four years at the church and the Lord has been blessing them greatly. Helping them purchase land would allow them to get out from under the heavy burden of the rent they would have to pay and keep them from having to move from place to place, loosing members each time. I am excited to announce that we are looking at a prospective piece of land that is in an area of the city that has a tremendous need and tremendous potential.

The urgency that we have though, is that we must give the owners a deposit right away, so that they will hold the land for us. To do that we need $20,000 to secure the land, and then we will have several months to pay the remaining amount of $80,000 to finalize the purchase. Can you imagine a church reaching people in a community where very few have heard the gospel? Can you imagine people’s lives being transformed and many families being restored? If you would like to personally have a part in impacting lives for eternity, this is a great opportunity! If you can help us reach the $20,000 for the deposit on the land, please let us know so that we can confirm with the owners.

Any financial donations can be sent to Vision Baptist Missions,

c/o Bolivia Land Fund, P.O. Box 442 Alpharetta, Ga. 30009

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Kevin and Beth White have been missionaries in Cochabamba, Bolivia since 2006. Find out more about the Whites at operationbolivia.comand connect with them at

Kevin White

Missionary to Bolivia