By Missionary to Argentina Patrick Henry

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Few countries in the world have what Argentina has. The country boasts almost 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) of coastline. The beautiful Andes mountains are located along the Argentine/ Chilean border. In the north, Argentina has the world’s second largest waterfalls (Iguazú Falls). In the northwest, the country has a dry and arid climate.

The Pampas are known to be where cows are raised on grasslands (Argentina is known for some of the best beef in the world). The southern-most city in the world, Ushuaia, is in Argentina. The Patagonia, a beautiful display of the nature God has created is in the south of Argentina. The country is also home to the largest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas. Argentina is also home to Buenos Aires, one of the 20 largest cities in the world.

Argentina has a population of over 44 million people. One third of the nations population live in Buenos Aires, the nation’s capital. Other large cities include Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, San Miguel de Tucumán, La Plata, and Mar del Plata. The country has a very rich heritage with roots from different countries around the world including Italy, Spain, Israel, Germany, and several other South American countries. It is no wonder that the country is known as a country of immigrants. The country is made up of 23 provinces and an autonomous city.

The rich culture of Argentina can be found in a host of things including the Tango, the mate (an herbal drink shared among friends and family), the guachos (Argentine cowboys who can still be seen riding their horses in the Argentine countryside), and the asado (an Argentine grill-out that takes place every holiday or any special occasion).

The food in Argentina is delicious. Apart from Argentine beef, the country is known for pizza and empanadas. Empanadas are meat filled pocket-pies that differ from province to province. The country is also the home of dulce de leche (a caramel-like sauce), alfajores (argentine cookies with dulce de leche in the middle).

The country is going through hard times economically, the inflation rate rises more with every passing month. The Argentine peso is losing value at a rapid pace. After years of political corruption, many Argentines find it very hard to trust the government. Insecurity has become the norm in many places in Argentina because of the bad economy.

Argentine people are very warm. People are greeted with a kiss on the cheek and are very cordial and welcoming to outsiders. Even so, most Argentine’s have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. According to the CIA Factbook, the country is 92% nominally Roman Catholic with less than 20% of the population being practicing Catholics. 2% of the population is “Protestant”. Although Argentines have religious freedom, the vast majority of them are still bound in their sins. The need in Argentina is very great! There are Gospel-preaching churches that have been planted around the country, but there must be many more churches planted to reach everyone.

Pray with us that God will send more laborers to reach every city, town, house, and soul with the Gospel message. Pray that God uses the current economic stresses to draw people to Him, that the name of Jesus will be glorified.

Patrick and Leslie Henry have been missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2016. Find out more about the Henrys at and connect with them at

Patrick Henry

Missionary to Argentina