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Long Life in Ecuador

Although the past year has been filled with many sad news stories of COVID-19 and the death that it has caused, one Ecuadorian couple in Quito has an uplifting story of long life and enduring marriage. Julio Tapia and Waldramina Reyes have just been officially...

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From Marxism to Murder

He taught philosophy in the 1960s and ’70s in Ayacucho, Peru, championing Marxist ideas and causes in the classroom that spilled out into real life. Abimael Guzmán would later form Sendero Luminoso, or the Shining Path, and in 1980, he and his group declared war on...

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Coronavirus growing in Chile

Coronavirus cases and deaths have been steadily growing across Latin America in recent weeks. These countries are dealing with this crisis with fewer resources. As cases mount in Chile, the government is unsure of how much longer their hospitals will be able to...

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Bloom – Update

We had a great past month in February. Here are some of the things that happened. I finished my fifth language school book and was very excited about that. There is much more I need to learn in the language, and I am working hard every day to learn more. I also had...

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Special Services in Summer

We completed our vacation Bible School in January and had a great attendance! It was encouraging to see members of our church teaching and guiding the classes, many of them for the very first time! We also had our special Vision Service where we unveiled the theme...

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Update – Steve Carrier

The best way to describe January 2020 is as a bag of mixed emotions. We started by going to the OG Conference, which is a time when several people come together to hear about the need for missionaries around the world. We at Vision preach that those in attendance...

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