By Missionary to Ecuador, Kason Bloom

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We had a great past month in February.
Here are some of the things that happened. I finished my fifth language school book and was very excited about that. There is much more I need to learn in the language, and I am working hard every day to learn more.
I also had a chance to preach two full services this month at the local church that we are attending. It was a great and challenging opportunity.
We have also been going to a new church plant on Wednesday nights to help visit and invite people to church. The church is called Iglesia Bautista Amor or Love Baptist Church. It is about three months old, but it is exciting to see how God is working.

Last Wednesday night, a man that we invited about 2 hours before the service ended up coming to the service that night and hearing the Gospel! In the first week of February, we had a medical missions clinic. There were over 2,000 patients that came through and heard the Gospel! There were also about 500 people that made professions of faith.

Kason, Bethany, and Jackson Bloom
Church Planting Missionaries to Ecuado

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Kason and Bethany Bloom are missionaries on deputation to Ecuador. Find out more about the Blooms at and connect with them at

Kason Bloom

Missionary to Ecuador