By Missionary , Chestley Howell

Santo Domingo
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Santo Domingo

While I was in the navy working aboard the USS Chief, one of the kindest friends I ever met was Dominic. Dominic was one of the most grateful, happiest, and kindest person. There wasn’t a time when someone needed help that Dominic wouldn’t jump in to help. Whenever he saw someone in need, he would always jump on the occasion. As I got to know and learn more about Dominic, I learned he was from the Dominican Republic, from the capitol city of Santo Domingo. As we got to know each other, many of our conversations turned to politics and religion

After many conversations about religion, I had the opportunity to present the gospel to Dominic only to find out that he, along with his whole family, was Catholic. Dominic would always make statement such as, “I am a good person, so I will make it into heaven.” He always judged how good he was against others, and never against the perfection of Jesus Christ. Many times, I tried to explain that it is not our good works that get us to heaven, but the grace and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He never did quite grasp or want to believe that salvation was a gift. Although he is one of the kindest people I know, Dominic will never be good enough to get into heaven or have a restored relationship with God.

Today, in Santo Domingo there are close to three million people just like Dominic. People who are fiercely proud and loyal of their heritage, their religion, and their culture. People who would give the shirt off their back to someone in need. Some of the kindest and most wonderful people in the world. The tragedy is that most of these people do not know the truth of how to have a relationship with God nor have the security of knowing they will spend eternity in heaven when they die. They live a life of insecurity in their relationship with God, hoping they will make it into heaven when they die. They worship the saints, they trust in their good works, and they hope and pray that one day they might be good enough to enter the gates of heaven and have a relationship with God. Almost all these people are going to spend an eternity in hell because they do not know and have not been told of the grace of Jesus Christ.

The people Santo Domingo are in desperate need of the gospel. They are in desperate need of someone to go, to tell them, and to preach the true word of God to them. Santo Domingo is one of the oldest civilizations in the Caribbean. It is one of the major ports with people from all over the world congregating there for trade and business. There is no better place than to preach the gospel than to those traveling the world so that they may take the gospel back to their home and those they love. Just like every large city there is a great need in Santo Domingo for a Bible preaching church, for the training of men, and the teaching of the Gospel. I ask you if you would be willing to go to Santo Domingo to be a missionary and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are unable to go, I ask that you pray for someone to go. Santo Domingo needs the Gospel, and God uses us as the medium to send it. Would you preach to a group of people who are blinded by their works and on their way to hell because they have never heard.