By Missionary to Argentina Shawn Bateman

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Update From Shawn Bateman Missionary To Argentina

Things are moving quickly now that we are established in our home. I have been out looking for locations in which to start a church, and I have felt lead to start a work in a community called Empalme Graneros. I have found a temporary location to rent. The owner said we may have it every Sunday for as long as we need it, for $75.00 each time we use the facility. It is very spacious, and comes with chairs. There is a huge garage out back, and a bathroom and a kitchen. We will begin services on May 12th.


From the Street:

Several restaurants and stores use motorcycle delivery here. Last week, as I was walking up one of the streets in our neighborhood as a young man rode by on his motorcycle. He stopped at a house jumped of his motorcycle, rang a doorbell, and waited. There was no answer, so as I passed, I introduced myself to him and gave him a tract. His name was Leandro, and he was 27 years old. He is an agnostic, and told me that he had not seen sufficient evidence for the existence of God. I told him that I believe there is more than sufficient evidence for God’s existence. I shared with him a Gospel tract and encouraged him to read it and consider what we had spoken about.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would find and be able to obtain the correct building to start our new church in.
  • That there might be people seeking and ready to hear the Gospel message.

  • That God would give us favor with the people in Empalme Graneros.
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    Shawn and Emily Bateman have been missionaries to Rosario, Argentina since 2018. Find out more about the Batemans at and connect with them at

    Shawn Bateman

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